I spoke at the Serverless Stack 1.0 Conference today!

Leveraging SST to simplify IaC and the deployment stack


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I spoke at the Serverless Stack 1.0 Conference today!

SST v1!

Serverless Stack (SST) is the latest in tooling to make it simpler to develop serverless applications in AWS. Serverless Framework is the biggest player in this field, because it was the first and did a pretty good job. I've used it for a few years. However, when working with anything more than a few Lambdas, an API, and a sprinkling of other serverless services like SQS, pain points appear and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) becomes just as much workaround as code.

At today's SST 1.0 Conference, I gave a brief presentation about these pain points and workarounds, and how SST simplified my deployment tooling. You can watch my talk at SST 1.0 Conf here. I strongly encourage you to watch the entire conference There is amazing content in this short conference, from employees at SST and volunteer presenters such as myself.

Compare to AWS Amplify

Frequently folks pop onto the Serverless Stack Slack (where there is amazing support!) and ask how SST compares with AWS Amplify. You might know that I did an entire series about AWS Amplify and even though I started it with high hopes, and completed my effort, the series is a painful journey to behold. It is filled with road blocks, workarounds, and bugs.

Both AWS Amplify and Serverless Stack attempt to make it easier to author serverless applications. Both are still evolving and improving. Unfortunately, my conclusion is that the AWS Amplify approach is fatally flawed; it missed the mark and often makes it harder to work with AWS rather than easier. Serverless Stack โค๏ธ has succeeded where Amplify ๐Ÿ˜” failed.