Hexagonal Architecture by Example (Meetup)

Hexagonal Architecture by Example (Meetup)


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I was the featured presenter for JavaScriptLA Meetup tonight. Watch the recording on YouTube!

The code and text of this presentation are in GitHub.

Here's the details from the Meetup event:

Onica's Lead Software Architect, Adam Fanello, will introduce how to use hexagonal architecture to organize your code so that it is focused on what makes your code unique while being scalable, testable, and flexible. Theory will be put into practice by showing how an unorganized feature can be transformed

About the Presenter:

Adam Fanello is a Lead Software Architect at Onica, a Rackspace Technology Company, focused on cloud native development in AWS as well as the web app clients that use the cloud. He's been creating full stack web applications since the days of JSP.